100% Durable Natural Latex

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Fusion Colors

Progressive Tension


Burpees, timed challenges or fast paced mountain climbers combined with our gear make the workout 10 times more strenuous. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro-athlete, resistance bands and sliders provide for a whole and complete workout.

Abdominal Conditioning

Alternate Pike Crunches , Glide Out exercises, when combined with sliders, are among the exercises that are guaranteed to torch your abdominal and oblique muscles to a whole new level.


The sliders, that facilitate fuller range of motion and the resistance bands that allow progressive muscle engagement, make them an ideal kit of choice by physiotherapists around the world, for rehabilitation of tendons and muscles.

Yoga & Pilates

Sliders aid in the execution of asanas with ease and the bands allow for a proper balance while performing a rigorous yoga session. Our guide with 70 + exercises, make our fitness gear a terrific combination in keeping your muscles flexible and improving strength.


Step one to get started at calisthenics is to be flexible and have strong joints. Calisthenics athletes often use sliders for flexibility and resistance bands to strengthen muscles such as Rotator cuff, among others.

Glute Activation

Having a round lifted bubble butt requires serious core activation of your glutes. Resistance Bands are an excellent equipment in your toning arsenal. They fire up the glutes, which often refuse to activate easily with our regular routine.

Multi Surface Sliders

Small & Compact ABS Quality

EVA Foam Padding for Hardwood Floors

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